About Us

IDLab brings people, organizations and governments together to tackle the big issues involved in the creation of safe, seamless and secure digital credentials in Canada.

Our unbiased team of specialists tests and experiments with governance and technology models designed to leverage digital credentials in Canadians’ day-to-day lives. Our work supports efforts to ensure various solutions work across the country and internationally.

We believe the best solutions will require a collaborative approach with multiple participants across the economy and we’re committed to facilitating just that.

Our vision

We strengthen cybersecurity by advancing safe, seamless and secure digital credentials.

Our niche

We tackle complex problems to ensure digital credential technologies will actually make our lives easier and more secure without compromising safety, privacy or functionality.

We firmly believe that collaboration, exploration, unbiased testing and information-sharing will break down the barriers standing in the way of progress on digital identity and credentials in Canada.

We do this through three program areas:

We focus on tangible outcomes

Whether you want to become a member of our community, make a financial contribution to our work on digital credentials, participate in a project with us, or all of the above, we would love to connect and discuss how we can work together.

Our Values

We are honest & open.

We communicate genuinely and openly our opinions while also being open and actively listening to the opinions of others

We are team players.

We proactively engage internally with each other in resolving problems and addressing opportunities

We are innovative.

We are on the lookout to solve problems and seize opportunities in new and better ways

We take ownership.

We convey to each other that we are responsible for the achievement of our goals including addressing unforeseen circumstances

We do the right thing.

When faced with an easy thing to do or decide, and another that is not, and the latter is right; we choose the latter

We are self-starters.

We are internally motivated, and have the desire to continuously learn, the ability to set goals and undertake the work without being prompted to do so