Steering Committee

What is the Steering Committee?

The Steering Committee is formed exclusively by IDLab Members with a purpose to approve and prioritize co-created projects that come through the intake process. This role is critical to ensure IDLab facilitated co-created projects are supported by the community and addressing the most urgent needs in the ecosystem.

Steering Committee duties

  • Reviews the finalized project submissions
  • Approves, declines, or seeks further clarification for each submission
  • Prioritizes approved submissions based on evaluation guidelines

Prioritized Projects

The prioritized co-created projects are published on IDLab’s website along with the status of each project (Started/Not started, On track/Off track, etc.) IDLab reviews the prioritized projects and sequences the delivery pipeline respecting the priority order set by the Steering Committee, to the extent that capacity and funding are available.

For example, if capacity and funding are still evolving for priority #1, IDLab will move to priority #2 to assess its ability to start etc. Projects that have clear problem statements, funding, capacity and alignment fully sorted out early in the intake process are likely to be accelerated through to delivery.

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