Advisory Services

IDLab offers a range of thought leadership advisory services to help mature product and service offerings dependent on Digital ID. To maintain our independence and neutral stance, we do not develop, sell or recommend digital identity products. Our independent team brings a global Digital ID perspective to help align products or services offerings to local, national, and international standards and evolving best practices.

Experienced Team

Leveraging our deep expertise, IDLab is ideally positioned to offer services across the entire spectrum of your business and technology maturity model, from vision, to strategy and planning, to enterprise architecture and design, operational guidance, and service renewal.

Who is it for?

Private Sector

Public Sector

Are you looking to answer questions such as:

  • What do I need to do to be in a position to deliver on my Digital ID vision?
  • How do I turn my vision into something more concrete and actionable?
  • How can I supplement my internal capabilities with focussed Digital ID expertise?
  • How can I ensure that my service or solution aligns with evolving technology and business process standards and frameworks?

Broad range of full service support in both business and technology domains

Access to an independent team providing unbiased advice and services

Leverage the IDLab’s active participation in the advancement of industry standards and frameworks to help ensure your product and service offerings are future-proofed

The services we offer include:

  • Governance, policy, and procedure development
  • Planning guidance, helping clients future proof their digital transformation and evolution strategies to take into account emerging digital ID trends and standards
  • Solution focused enterprise architecture
  • Operational guidance
  • Custom readiness guidance as a precursor to Assessment
  • Custom testing services for your Digital ID service or solution
  • Market scan and ecosystem research, analysis, and reporting

What do I get?

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That's what they say ;-)

“We see the work of the Digital Identity Laboratory of Canada as crucial to advancing Canada’s economy through the development of secure, trusted digital capabilities. In order to successfully deliver digital ID it will be necessary to ensure there is alignment between the public and private sectors. By working to bring these groups together and forge solutions, the IDLab can help to support an inclusive and safe online environment for Canadians to exchange value based on common standards and foundational capabilities.”

Neil Butters, Interac Corp.


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