NIST SP 800-63 Digital Identity Guidelines

SP 800-63 provides an overview of general identity frameworks, using authenticators, credentials, and assertions together in a digital system, and a risk-based process of selecting assurance levels.

  • Enrollment and identity proofing (NIST SP 800-63a)
  • Authentication and lifecycle management (NIST SP 800-63b)
  • Federation and Assertions (NIST SP 800-63c)

Available services

Readiness Assessment

Pillar: Digital Identity | Type: Conformity | Level: 1

Readiness Assessment in support of preparedness in potential future conformance testing. Involves examining the NIST criteria in each component, understanding approach and applicability in each case, and preparing a report with recommendations against individual criteria. Examination approach will be based on supplied documentation and interactive sessions with client delegates. Detailed hands-on solution examination is not in scope.

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“We’re excited to be part of an initiative that is key to helping enable trusted digital identity in Canada and unlocking the full potential of our country’s digital economy.” 

“KPMG joining the Digital ID Lab demonstrates our commitment to support a robust pan-Canadian ecosystem that will prioritize security, privacy and interoperability for the benefit of all Canadians.”

Imraan Bashir, Partner & National Public Sector Cyber Leader, KPMG Canada