Active and Completed Projects

Active and Completed Projects

March 31, 2023

The Digital Identity Assessment and Training Program, supported by the City of Gatineau

The Digital Identity Assessment and Training Program, supported by the City of Gatineau, aims to assess the current state of digital identity among participating organizations in Gatineau. The goal of this program is to accelerate the adoption of digital identity in the region, which will foster innovation and growth for participating organizations, businesses, and the region.

Active and Completed Projects

September 30, 2022

User Centric Verifiable Digital Credentials Challenge

IDLab was contracted by the Shared Services Canada (SSC) Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) Team to support the User Centric Verifiable Digital Credentials (UCVDC) Challenge. IDLab created an interoperability assessment framework that defines interoperability in the context of digital verifiable credentials. The framework describes a methodology to test for interoperability, focusing on the level of guiding principles in its first iteration. The framework was used within the UCVDC Challenge to assess the participating vendor’s innovations and will continue to be leveraged as a foundation for future testing.

Active and Completed Projects

August 1, 2022

Digital Trust Test Bench

Digital Trust Test Bench (DTT) is a quality assurance tool for digital credential solutions, allowing governments and organizations to put digital credentials to the test to make sure they work with other platforms.

Active and Completed Projects

April 1, 2021

Digital identity – 7 points to remember

Using a strong, user-friendly and private digital identity is essential for a successful economy as well as for personal security online and businesses’ cyber resilience.