Discovery and Experimentation Services

We work with public and private sector organizations in their efforts to make digital identity a reality for individuals and organizations alike. We are the one-stop shop for solution providers and solution seekers to innovate, discover, experiment, and adopt digital ID related solutions and components.

We facilitate the collaboration between various ecosystem participants, including solution providers, seekers, integrators, consultancies, and community contributors, by making available our Canadian-based, bias-free, and technology-agnostic technical infrastructure to support showcasing of solutions as well as hands-on review and experimentation.

Our experienced team is readily available to ensure your success. You can think about it in terms of a “Sandbox-as-a-Service” technical infrastructure, specialized for digital identity components and solutions.

How can I take advantage of IDLab’s Sandbox-as-a-Service?

Solution Providers

We provide Solution Sponsors the option to showcase their digital ID related solution at IDLab simply as a demonstration or fully available for experimentation and integration. As a Solution Sponsor, you decide if you want your solution to be made available for discovery publicly, for experimentation by an interested party in a privately held sandbox, or in a sandbox where multiple parties collaboratively explore and integrate with your solution. It all depends on your go-to-market strategy or specific solution usage requirements. We will help you choose and decide among these options.

  • Solution Demonstration – Showcase your solution demo at IDLab for added community exposure, and leave the hosting work to us!
  • Solution Trial – Make it quick and easy for IDLab clients to access trials for your product or service
  • Pre-commercial Solution Preview – Leverage our sandbox infrastructure for pre-commercial trials and previews

Solution Seekers

Our Subscribers get private sandboxes in which they can review and experiment with digital ID solutions. Subscribers may choose to “mash-up” a number of components including their own and “get their hands on” solutions that have been authorized by their Sponsor for private sandbox deployment right away.

  • Guided Solution Discovery – Check out available demos, with IDLab’s support to make sense of the different approaches and technologies
  • Solution Experimentation – Integrate with one or more solutions to carry out proof of concepts, we will prep your Sandbox with the tools you need
  • Collaborative Proof of Concept – Join forces with others to build out multi-party digital identity use cases

Special Initiatives

IDLab sandboxes are robust and turnkey for a variety of usages. We welcome special purpose use cases that require hosting of digital ID related solutions. Some examples include:

  • Hackathons – Hosting digital ID related PoCs and community challenges
  • Education – Enabling hands-on training on digital ID related technical implementations

Benefits for Solution Providers

Sponsoring a solution at IDLab enables organizations to stimulate discovery, accelerate market adoption, shorten the sales cycle, and promote security best practices, delivered in the most cost-effective and scalable way.

Benefits for Solution Seekers and Integrators

Lab subscriptions provide a customized sandbox environment to organizations and enables them to very quickly get started with their digital identity initiative. Whether the goal is to discover, explore, develop, integrate, test, or conduct quality assurance testing of digital ID related solutions, IDLab has experienced team members to provide support and guidance along the way.

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