IDLab’s Hyperledger Ursa security review explained

November 2, 2022

IDLab services Lab Announcement

Learn more about our URSA code review findings in this video.

Our President, Pierre Roberge, sat down with the Hyperledger Foundation back in September to discuss our Hyperledger Ursa independent code review. Ursa is the security underpinnings for digital credentials that are delivered using Hyperledger technology. 

As Pierre explains in this video, the problem was: “There [had] never been an arms-length, independent review of [Ursa].”

With Hyperledger growing in popularity across Canada as a way to deliver digital credential solutions, there was a need to to examine Ursa for any major risks. 

As Pierre explains, “in a mindset of: trust but verify, we performed the security review with partners and gave the thumbs up to the sponsor organization to say that the Ursa library was well implemented, with best practices in place, and ready to go.” 

Learn more about our findings in this video and why in-depth security and privacy hygiene is important for digital credential delivery throughout the design, build and deliver process.

That's what they say ;-)

“At Desjardins Group, we firmly believe that digital identity is of great importance to our members and clients. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Canada’s Digital Identity Lab, a key player committed to finding secure solutions that work together harmoniously so we can build a strong digital identity framework for all Canadians, businesses and governments.”

Mathieu Desrosiers, Director, Everyday Banking, Payments and Digital Identity at Desjardins Group