IDLab’s VP of Advisory Services sits down with Saskatchewan’s Privacy Commissioner to talk all things digital trust

December 12, 2022

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When it comes to advancing digital credentials, digital ID and digital trust in Canada, privacy must come first.

Hot on the heels of the joint resolution in support of digital identity by Canada’s federal, provincial, and territorial privacy commissioners, our VP of Advisory Services, Cosanna Preston-Idedia sat down with Saskatchewan’s Privacy Commissioner, Ron Kruzeniski, to discuss digital credentials 101 and explore some of the keyways that Canadian efforts are putting privacy first.

Cosanna also speaks about the different roles organizations can expect to play as the digital trust ecosystem takes shape. For more on this see our Learning Series. If your organization is trying to determine their next moves in digital trust, identity and credentials and could use a little help, get in touch with IDLab! We’d be happy to start a conversation.

What we're hearing ;-)

“The IDLab worked with us to identify the best person to do a Privacy Impact Assessment for our company. The person we were connected with was top notch and did an outstanding job. The IDLab monitored the relationship throughout the term of the contract and helped insure we received the services we needed on time and on budget. This was an exceptionally positive experience for us.”

Jay Krushell, TreeFort Technologies Incorporated