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The world of Digital ID is constantly evolving. Keeping up is hard!

The IDLab offers learning services and regular publication of learning materials to help you stay abreast of important topics in Digital ID.  

Leveraging our deep expertise, the IDLab is ideally positioned to help you on your Digital ID learning journey.

Who is it for?

Private Sector

Public Sector

Are you looking to answer questions such as:

  • What are the important standards and best practices in the realm of Digital ID?
  • How do these standards and frameworks relate to each other?
  • What do emerging trends mean for my organization?
  • How can I help my team become more familiar with important topics and trends in Digital ID?

Get in touch if you are looking to better understand important concerns, trends, and emerging best practices for Digital ID in areas such as privacy, notice and consent, decentralized identity, and evolving standards related to Digital ID around the world.

  • A starting point on your Digital ID learning journey
  • Access to custom learning experiences delivered by independent experts NOT trying to sell you a specific product or service

The services we offer include:

Custom learning for your organization:

  • Is there a particular topic you would like to have your team learn more about?
  • A technology standard?
  • A privacy framework or regulation?
  • Process standards and frameworks related to Digital ID?

The IDLab would be happy to work with your organization to develop and deliver custom learning in any number of formats.

Learning resources:

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