We offer Solution Sponsors the option to showcase their digital ID related solution in the Lab. As a Solution Sponsor, you decide if you want your solution to be used in a discovery sandbox, collaborative sandbox or in private sandboxes. It all depends on your go-to-market strategy or other solution usage requirements. We will help you choose and decide among these options.

We also offer Subscribers the possibility of creating private sandboxes in which they can deploy one or several Solutions hosted at the Lab. Subscribers are able to “get their hands on” solutions that have been authorized by their Sponsor for private sandbox deployment right away. We are the one stop shop for Subscribers to access a variety of solutions as needed.

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By Assessment, we mean Evaluation, Testing, Audit & Certification (“ETAC”) services. We are progressively deploying a full range of such services in relation to digital ID. As a trusted, neutral and non profit actor, prohibited from developing digital ID solutions as well as bidding on digital transformation professional services projects, we are sending a clear message to the industry: we are not your competitors – we are there to help you succeed by ensuring standards compliance and technological interoperability.

The current assessment services offered include Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) and W3C Verifiable Claims conformance assessment and testing.

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That's what they say ;-)

“At Desjardins Group, we firmly believe that digital identity is of great importance to our members and clients. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Canada’s Digital Identity Lab, a key player committed to finding secure solutions that work together harmoniously so we can build a strong digital identity framework for all Canadians, businesses and governments.”

Mathieu Desrosiers, Director, Everyday Banking, Payments and Digital Identity at Desjardins Group