The W3C | VC Conformance Assessment and Testing Report is a formal and necessary compliance process and a set of tools for allowing an organization to identify any key gaps they must address before engaging into a formal certification process to demonstrate and validate their capabilities with regards to the requirements and technical specifications set forth by the :

    • Verifiable Credential Data Model 1.0
    • Verifiable Claims Data Model 1.0 Test Suite

The W3C | Verifiable Credential Assessment and Testing performed by the IDLab check any application that generates Verifiable Credential Data Model documents to ensure conformance with the specification of the standard and make sure that such an application is cryptographically secure, privacy respecting, and machine-verifiable.

Benefits for client

A critical output of the conformance assessment process is the implementation, by the client, of the recommendations detailed in the conformance/conformity assessment report and testing in order to adhere voluntarily or to obtain a W3C certification by the DigiLab.


4 to 6 weeks


W3C | VC Conformance Report

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“The IDLab worked with us to identify the best person to do a Privacy Impact Assessment for our company. The person we were connected with was top notch and did an outstanding job. The IDLab monitored the relationship throughout the term of the contract and helped insure we received the services we needed on time and on budget. This was an exceptionally positive experience for us.”

Jay Krushell, TreeFort Technologies Incorporated


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