Sandbox for commercial solutions

Solution Sponsorships are for organizations that want to host a commercially available digital ID-related solution at the Lab for the benefit of the public and/or Lab subscribers.

Benefits for clients

Sponsoring a solution at the Lab enables organizations to stimulate discovery, accelerate market adoption, shorten the sales cycle and promote security best practices, delivered in the most cost-effective and scalable way.


Sandbox for Proof of Concept (POC)

POC Solution Sponsorships are for organizations that want to host at the Lab a digital ID-related solution that is not commercially available.

Benefits for clients

Solution POC Sponsorships make it possible to have their digital identity solution discovered by the Canadian market and experimented with in secure and neutral environment before going to market with a commercial solution.

The POC Sandbox is a lead generator for existing and new customers while enabling lab subscribers to experiment and/or integrate innovative digital ID-related solutions as part of a digital transformation project before it becomes commercially available.

If you are not ready to showcase your Solution POC to the public, you have the option of enabling its discovery by a group of users you authorize.


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“We believe that a strong Digital Identity ecosystem is critical to unlocking the digital economy in a way that both drives economic growth and protects Canadians’ privacy. We are proud to work with The Lab to promote interoperability, reduce technological barriers, and accelerate adoption of these exciting digital solutions.”

Esther Dryburgh, Digital Identity Lead at Deloitte


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