Pan-Canadian Trust Registry Community of Practice

August 7, 2023

Active and Completed Projects

Funded by CIRA, 30 representatives of the public, private and non-profit sectors explore the viability of a pan-Canadian trust registry.

Trust registries allow users to confirm the entity issuing a digital credential is legitimate and has the authority to issue the credential in question.

A pan-Canadian trust registry could act like a directory, pointing users to the right registry so they can get the information they need, whether the request originates in Canada or abroad. 

IDLab is leading the development of the project’s vision and framework. It hopes to move into a proof of concept in the fall to test the overarching hypothesis.

Assets published so far include:

To learn more about the Trust Registry Community of Practice, review our working documentation and our past meetings and workshops we invite you to explore our Trust Registry Community of Practice Folder on Google Drive.

If you are interested in signing up to the Trust Registry Community of Practice or would like more information, contact: