It can be a challenge to recruit individuals with digital identity and credential experience or build understanding within your organization to support a digital identity and credential program.

Organizations often have talented professionals who need to accelerate their learning curve with the digital identity and credential subject matter or have stakeholders across their organization who would benefit from an introduction to be more effective contributors.

IDLab is tackling this problem through our Digital Credential Learning Path. Designed to be adapted to your organization’s readiness level and broken down into actionable sections, your team members may elect to attend only the courses that are relevant to them.

From executives that need a high-level understanding, to lead-implementers that must stay abreast of the latest best practices, this training program provides the tools and understanding your organization needs to take its digital identity journey to the next level.

Digital Credential Learning Path

Course Course Details Duration Audience Minimum Recommendation
Digital Identity 101 Unit 1 – Why we need digital identity

Unit 2 – Foundations of Digital Identity and Verifiable Credentials

Unit 3 – Digital Identity in Canada

½ day Executive, Leadership, Deployment Team
Digital Identity 102 Unit 4 – Privacy

Unit 5 – Identity Ecosystems and frameworks

½ day Deployment Team
Digital Identity 103 Unit 6 – Program Design and Implementation

Unit 7 – Levels of Assurance

1 day Deployment Team, Emphasis on the business leads
Digital Identity 104 Unit 8 – Design Considerations for Digital Identity Solutions ½ day Deployment Team
Digital Identity 105 Unit 9 – Technologies and Specifications ½ day Deployment Team emphasis on tech leads

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